Welcome To ISOKAN

We are Independent, Self-Sufficient, Original, Knowledge, Applied, Now!

About Us

Our Values / Mission / Objectives

ISOKAN is a Community Organization that is headquartered in Sanderson, Florida.

We value Respect, Order, Loyalty, Family, and Trust.

Our mission is to Bring Pride, Power, and Productivity To Our Community.

Our objectives are to Create A Clean Environment, Mentor, And Enhance Economic Development.

How You Can Help

Donate To The ISOKAN Foundation

The ISOKAN Foundation funds all of our Community Initiatives. This Includes; The ISOKAN Scholarship Fund, The ISOKAN Food Giveaway, The ISOKAN Book Giveaway, and The FLY Learning Center.

Join The Community Clean-Up (Weekly)

The ISOKAN Community Clean-Up is our way of “putting our feet to the ground”. Each week we walk our community, pick-up trash, and beautify our neighborhood. It gives us Exercise and a Clean Place to Live.

Join The Local Mentor List

We have so many children that just need someone to spend some time with them. You have no idea what 25-30 minutes a week can do for a child’s self-esteem. Just a little motivation is all it takes.

Purchase “I Love My Community” Sign

Each “I Love My Community” Sign helps in two areas. The first is that it cuts down on the amount of litter we see in the community. The second is that 100% of proceeds go to The ISOKAN Scholarship Fund.

Learn About Financial Literacy

Believe it or not, the richer you become the more abundant our community will be. We want you to learn about Personal Finance, Budgeting, Investing, Asset Allocation, and Estate Planning.

Take The Debt Free Challenge

Debt Is Slavery! We do not want our community to be saddled with DEBT. We feel that if you are Debt Free you will be Free to do more Work to make our Community a Safe And Decent Place to Live.


What People Say

Ya’ll are doing it. I see you all the time. Makes me want to get out there. Keep Going!

– Kenneth Paige

For some one to think about Me. All I can say is thank you!

– Marie Jones

Join Us!!!

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we need your help to make our Community A Safe And Decent Place To Live. Please contact us for more info.

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